InPro 6050 Polarographic Oxygen Sensor - Overview - METTLER TOLEDO
InPro 6050 Polarographic Oxygen Sensor

InPro 6050 Polarographic Oxygen Sensor

For economic DO measurements

METTLER TOLEDO's "Value Line" dissolved oxygen (DO) sensor InPro6050 with automatic temperature compensation is designed mainly for use in water and wastewater treatment applications under extremely dirty conditions. Optimal price/performance ratio, and a particularly low maintenance requirement.
The sensor shaft is of chemical-resistant polymer material and the industrial VarioPin (IP68) detachable connector is used to simplify cable installation. The membrane is PTFE-coated to prevent fouling.

InPro 6050 polarographic oxygen sensor
Specifications - InPro 6050 Polarographic Oxygen Sensor
Segment /Application Waste water with high dirt load
Description Analog interface
Accuracy +/- 1 % +30 ppb
Detection Range 30 ppb to<br />saturation
Features and Benefits
  • Robustly constructed sensor for typical wastewater environments.
  • Low maintenance requirement.
  • Easily exchangeable membrane body.
  • Simultaneous measurement of DO and temperature.


Continuous control of your wastewater application


DO Measurement in Primary and Secondary Wastewater Treatment
Biological industrial wastewater treatment Biological processes are being more and more used to treat wastewater effluents, instead of chemical and m...
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InPro 6050 Polarographic Oxygen Sensor


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InPro 6050 Polarographic Oxygen Sensor
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