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HU Start Kit PR-UNV 20,200,1000µl

Best RAININ Classic Value. Starter Kit containing 3 Rainin Classic™ manual single-channel pipettes: 2-20 μL, 20-200 μL and 100-1000 μL, 2 racks of universal-fit tips and 3 Hang-Ups™ (PR-START)

One Handy Package

The 3 most popular RAININ Classic pipettes, corresponding BioClean tips, and accessories in one handy set.

Save Money

Best Value with Discounted Pipettes.

A Perfect Start

Contains PR-20, PR-200 & PR-1000 pipettes, RT-250 & RT-1000 tip racks, and HU-M3 Hang-Ups

An Ergonomic Evolution

The Rainin Classic is the ergonomic evolution of traditional pipetting. Based on the look, feel and handling of classical pipettes, newly added ergonomic features ensure a hand-friendly operation and a reduced risk of injuries.

Технические характеристики - HU Start Kit PR-UNV 20,200,1000µl
Product Line Rainin Classic
Volume Range 2 µL – 1,000 µL
Starter Kit 3 Pipettes
Tip Technology Universal-Fit Shaft
Channels 1
Pipette Type Manual
Номер 30468831


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HU Start Kit PR-UNV 20,200,1000µl

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