Major application segments of Densito 30PX - METTLER TOLEDO

Major application segments of Densito 30PX

Density / specific gravity: absolute and relative
The density of the sample can be displayed in g/cm3, lb/gal (US) and lb/gal (IP). The specific gravity is calculated using the density of water at the measurement temperature or at any other temperature (e.g. 20 °C or 4 °C).

Electroplating and photo: Automatic temperature compensation
Temperature compensation is the key to fast and reliable control of electroplating or photographic solutions. With Densito, the procedure is very simple - just choose the sample type and perform the measurement. It is an easy matter to check different solutions one after another, quickly.

Alcohol: replaces 4 sets of hydrometers
Densito replaces 4 complete sets of hydrometers (w/w%, v/v%, US proof, UK proof) and gives you accurate results in record time !

Batteries: effortless acid test
Densito performs battery acid tests without need of a calculator or lookup table. It displays the sulphuric acid concentration directly in weight%.

Food: the sugar expert
Brix%, °Baumé or °Plato: Densito determines whichever you want.

Petroelum products: API compliant measurement
The built-in API tables (product groups A, B and D) make Densito the ideal choice for quality control of crude oil, gasoline, petroleum products and lubricants.

Customized applications: define your own calculation
If you need concentration determinations such as heavy Baumé grades, light Baumé grades, Twadell grades or milk grades, you can teach Densito the necessary calculation formula.
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