Robotic Preparation of Samples for HPLC Analysis
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Robotic Preparation of Standards for Chromatographic Analysis

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Efficient, Unattended Workflow for Accurate Concentrations and Reliable Results

Chromatographic techniques like HPLC or GC are commonly applied in analytical R&D and QC labs for identifying, quantifying and purifying components of a mixture. The purity, concentration and composition of mixture components has a major influence on the quality of the final product, including its efficiency, safety, shelf-life, and many other important features.


To run a chromatographic analysis, many identical samples must be prepared and run through the whole analytical method to see whether the necessary details can be determined. HPLC and GC methods employ the use of known reference substances as standards to gain traceable results from the evaluation. Therefore, reference standard preparation is a common daily task in most analytical laboratories.


This application note describes how a fully automated robotic solution can improve the process of accurate sample and standard preparation for chromatographic analyses like HPLC. With this solution, scientists can reduce the time they spend at the lab bench and invest the time saved in more valuable tasks.

Even with modern analytical systems, sample and standard preparation for chromatography is still a time and labor-intensive operation in an analytical laboratory. The extended use of 96-vial plates has accelerated sample throughput, especially in the pharmaceutical industry. Automation is a pivotal trend for saving time and delivering highly reproducible results. Automated dispensing of powders and liquids can free you to focus on other critical elements of your analysis.


The CHRONECT XPR robotic dispensing platform enables increased productivity and accuracy in a fully automated workflow. Samples and reference or calibration standards can be accurately prepared for subsequent analysis in chromatography or other systems. Automatic digital data recording and transfer help increase efficiency and reduce transcription errors.


METTLER TOLEDO's portfolio of lab automation systems and automated instruments can further assist you in streamlining your lab processes.


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