pipetting accessories

Pipetting Accessories

Racks, Batteries and Other Accessories for Rainin Products

Pipetting accessories are perfect additions to your lab station to help you maintain the efficiency, integrity and accuracy of your liquid handling instruments. Rainin offers an extensive selection of pipette racking systems, electronic pipette chargers and replacement batteries and many other accessories needed to keep your tools working optimally.

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METTLER TOLEDO supports and services your pipettes through their entire life-cycle, from good pipetting techniques to preventive maintenance and calibration to equipment repair.

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What is a pipetting reservoir?

A pipetting reservoir is a sterile, polypropylene reagent reservoir for use with single and multichannel pipettes. Pipetting reservoirs from Rainin are sturdy and stackable and include a lid. The capacity for Rainin reservoirs is at least 75 mL, with an easy-to-read calibration marking.

What is a pipette stand?

Pipette stands are the perfect accessory to hold your pipettes and keep them off the lab bench to assure your pipettes are protected when not in use. For manual pipettes, the CR-7 holds 7 pipettes and rotates for easy access. The CR-7's sturdy base won't tip and adapters are available to accommodate electronic pipettes.

Along with general pipette stands, Rainin also carries hang-up stands which can be ordered with or without magnets. This enables you to hang your pipettes wherever there is wall space – a plus where bench space is limited.