XS100 DualScale Dynamic Scale

High-Speed, High-Throughput Weighing.The XS100 DualScale offers high performance weighing in the most demanding of applications. Rugged design and advanced filter technology ensure stable, accurate results even when conditions are tough.

High Throughput, Small Footprint

Increases weighing throughput with smallest possible footprint. Eliminates the need for having two separate scales on two different lines.

Flexible Integration Into Any Sorter

Wide range of options for integration into any sorting system. Select technology, dimensions and configuration for a seamlessly integrated solution.

Low Service Costs

Innovative belt guidance design ensures belt life of up to 3 years, significantly reducing service costs.

Material No.: 24000300

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Specifications - XS100 DualScale Dynamic Scale
Up to 60 kg
From ±50 g
Belt Speed
MID: < 240 m/min (e=50 g), < 140 m/min (e=20 g)
NTEP: < 180 m/min
Conveyor Length
Scale 1: 500 mm - 700 mm
Scale 2: 1000 mm - 1200 mm
Other dimensions available upon request
Conveyor Width
800 mm - 1100 mm
Other dimensions available upon request
Dynamic Weighing
Up to 18000 parcels/hr
Legal for Trade

Robust Design for Reliable Results

Exceptionally rugged design and advanced filter technology work together to ensure high performance in high-speed, rough and tough environments.

Effective Data Communication

More than 10 data communication standards, including Ethernet and Fieldbus technologies ensure compatibility with other systems for seamless communication.

Real-Time Data Drop

A real-time controller manages the system and ensures high-speed data communication with the sorter. The data drop point can be configured based on sorting requirements.

Setting Standards in Safe Machine Design

The XS100 DualScale complies with the following safety standards: US-based: ANSI B155 -2011, NFPA 70, NFPA 79, ANSI B11 TR3, ANSI Z244, ANSI Z535, EU-based: EN12100, EN60204-1, EN14121, EN294, EN349, EN953, EN61000-6,2,3,4, ISO 3864, ISO13849-1,-2, ISO 60528




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XS100 DualScale Dynamic Scale