Pallet and Parcel Weighing

Seamless Weighing Integration for Optimal Performance

Scales designed to meet the needs of the most demanding transport and logistic applications. Weigh pallets with a floor or forklift scale and rely on automatic, dynamic scales for parcel processing lines. These scales are all built to withstand the rough, industrial environments in freight and LTL, parcel express and distribution centers to keep your operations running without interruption.

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FAQs - Dynamic Scales, Floor Scales and Forklift Scales for Maximum Efficiency in Transport and Logistics Applications

How do I weigh pallet and parcel shipments?

In the transport and logistics industry there are several ways to weigh shipments. Floor scales or forklift scales can be used to weigh pallets for freight and less-than-load shipments. For packages and parcels in a distribution center, you can weigh them in-line and in-motion with a dynamic scale. Depending on throughput and other factors like shipment size and shape, METTLER TOLEDO offers a wide variety of equipment for weighing needs.

Where can I find scales for weighing freight/LTL shipments?

Decide between a floor scale or forklift scale from METTLER TOLEDO to weigh freight and pallets. Browse our portfolio on and easily request a quote from your local METTLER TOLEDO representative.

Who manufactures scales for weighing parcels in a distribution center?

METTLER TOLEDO manufactures dynamic scales used for in-motion weighing. These scales can be used in receiving or sorting lines to verify package weights with legal-for-trade certification.

How do I prevent shipping back charges?

Shipping back charges can happen in the logistics industry when the incorrect weight has been declared. Scales used to weigh pallets and parcels can provide accurate weights that prevent costly back charges and unexpected expenses.