TLW450 Dynamic Scale

High-Speed Parcel Weighing.TLW450 Dynamic Scales are designed for integration into any material handling system for revenue recovery, revenue protection, receiving, and shipping for maximum parcel throughputs.

Easy Integration into any Sorter

Wide range of options for integration into any sorting system. Select technology, dimensions and configuration for a seamlessly integrated solution.

Increase Throughput by 30%

A flexible weighing point increases throughput by up to 30% by minimizing the gap required between parcels.

Performance in Tough Environments

Advanced filter technology minimizes weighing errors in high-speed sorting environments. Achieve accurate weighing results in demanding conditions.

Material No.: 24012301

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Specifications - TLW450 Dynamic Scale
Conveyor System 60: Up to 40 kg
Conveyor System 80: Up to 80 kg
Conveyor System 80 HS: Up to 60 kg
From ± 5 g, From ± 10 g
Belt Speed
Conveyor System 60: < 90 m/min
Conveyor System 80: < 120 m/min
Conveyor System 80 HS: < 180 m/min
Conveyor Length
Conveyor System 60: 600 mm - 1000 mm
Conveyor System 80: 1000 mm - 2500 mm
Conveyor System 80 HS: 1000 mm - 1700 mm
Conveyor Width
Conveyor System 60: 300 mm - 600 mm
Conveyor System 80: 600 mm - 1100 mm
Conveyor System 80 HS: 800 mm - 1100 mm
Dynamic Weighing
Up to 11000 parcels/hr
Legal for Trade
7500 pph / 11000 pph
HMI 7" Cargo
Weighing Range
10 g - 40 kg / 10 g - 80 kg
Product Width
1100 mm
Transport Height
280 mm - 1 800 mm (± 50 mm)
IP Rating
IP54 (optional IP65)
from ±5 g / from ±10 g
Production Environment
Weighing Technology (Load Cell)

Low Cost of Ownership

A high level of standardization, rugged design, and minimal number of spare parts required for service combine to keep scale downtime to a minimum. The system is easy to maintain, providing low cost of ownership over time.

Effective Data Communication

More than 10 data communication standards, including Ethernet and Fieldbus technologies ensure compatibility with other systems for seamless communication.

Real-Time Data Drop

A real-time controller manages the system and ensures high-speed data communication with the sorter. The data drop point can be configured based on sorting requirements.

Sets Standards in Safe Design

The TLW450 complies with the following safety standards: US-based: ANSI B155 -2011, NFPA 70, NFPA 79, ANSI B11 TR3, ANSI Z244, ANSI Z535, EU-based: EN12100, EN60204-1, EN14121, EN294, EN349, EN953, EN61000-6,2,3,4, ISO 3864, ISO13849-1,-2, ISO 60528.




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TLW450 Dynamic Scale