Roller Scale TLW160 E 60-1200*900-N

Stop-And-Go Weighing Solution.The TLW160 Roller Conveyor Scale is a compact static weighing system that uses a passive roller conveyor to weigh packages before the operator moves them to the next station for stop-and-go applications in distribution centers and warehouses.

Reliable Weighing Results

The combination of proven weighing technology and robust scale design ensures reliable weighing accuracy in tough transport and logistics conditions.

Boost Performance

Productivity and uptime are increased significantly with the ultra-fast processing ability of the embedded terminal.

Static Parcel Handling

A passive roller conveyor streamlines parcel handling by offering an easy and fast solution that reduces labor costs and improves overall efficiency.

Material No.: 30799068

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Specifications - Roller Scale TLW160 E 60-1200*900-N
From ±20 g
Up to 60 kg
Belt Speed
N/A (non-motorized system)
Conveyor Length
Conveyor Width
900 mm
Dynamic Weighing
Up to 1000 parcels/hr
Legal for Trade
Default: TCP/IP, Optional: Ethernet/IP, Profinet, Profibus DP, Modbus RTU

Compliant in Weighing Regulations

The scale's international W&M certification allows for streamlined procurement, faster implementation, and efficient cross-border startup, making it a convenient and effective choice for hassle-free operations.

Seamless Integration

Delivered fully assembled with rollers, frame, scale, and terminal, the TLW160 simplifies on-site installation. Easy integration is ensured thanks to its adjustable feet and flexible terminal mount and a uniform mechanical design that fits most conveyor widths.




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Roller Scale TLW160 E 60-1200*900-N