pH Transmitter
pH Transmitter

pH Transmitters

High-Performance Transmitters for Reliable pH Measurements

pH transmitters are analytical transmitters designed for continuous monitoring of pH in industrial process, pharmaceutical production and water monitoring. METTLER TOLEDO pH transmitters ensure easy operation with user-friendly touchscreen interfaces, Intelligent Sensor Management (ISM) predictive diagnostics and simplified calibration of pH sensors using the pH transmitter. Multi-parameter functionalities are available for greater flexibility, less complexity and less training and inventory.

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What is a pH transmitter?

pH transmitters are an important component of an analytical measurement loop that continuously monitor pH for industrial process, pharmaceutical production and water monitoring. METTLER TOLEDO pH analyzers communicate sensor measurements and important predictive diagnostic data to a user or higher level control system.

What is ISM?

Intelligent Sensor Management (ISM) is a type of digital sensor that improves production processes through simplified sensor handling and enhanced process reliability. Select METTLER TOLEDO in-line pH transmitters offer iMonitor, an advanced ISM interface, to provide predictive diagnostics and maintenance guidance to prevent unplanned shutdowns. Additionally, ISM technology enables the Plug and Measure feature, which simplifies measurement point start up through the pre-calibration of pH sensors away from the pH transmitter and the process.

Can a pH transmitter measure multiple parameters at the same time?

Yes, pH transmitters that measure multiple parameters at the same time are called multi-parameter transmitters. This category of pH transmitters is optimal for situations where multiple parameters need to be measured. Multi-parameter capabilities on METTLER TOLEDO pH transmitters help lower cost per measurement point and provide greater flexibility, less complexity, and less training and inventory.

How can I calibrate a pH sensor on my pH transmitter?

METTLER TOLEDO pH transmitters provide an easy-to-use interface for calibrating your in-line pH sensors. The pH transmitter walks you step-by-step through the calibration and sensor adjustment process, and can be used for a process calibration, 1-point calibration or 2-point calibration.

How do I know I am choosing the right pH transmitter?

There are a wide range of criteria that go into selecting a pH transmitter. When considering your application, you should assess if you need to measure one or multiple parameters. If you need to measure multiple parameters, consider choosing a multi-parameter pH transmitter which will allow you to use the same transmitter for multiple measurement points. If you want to use the predictive diagnostics of an ISM sensor, you will need a pH transmitter that accepts ISM sensors. You should additionally consider your environment. METTLER TOLEDO pH analyzers provide continuous monitoring of pH in industrial process, pharmaceutical production and water monitoring. For hazardous areas, select pH transmitters provide a rugged design built with soft keys and a durable touchscreen interface to ensure solid operation. METTLER TOLEDO recommends a discussion with a local sales representative to assess your needs and recommend the right pH transmitter for your specific application.