Rsvr 12ch StdPro V-bot LR-R2-12V-5 - 개요 - 메틀러 토레도

Rsvr 12ch StdPro V-bot LR-R2-12V-5

Liquidator용 샘플 reservoir.

SBS 포맷 저장용기(재사용가능)

12채널 및 V형 바닥의 재사용 가능한 표준형 폴리프로필렌 저장용기. SBS 포맷. 비 멸균형 5팩으로 포장. 오토클레이브 가능.

뉴클레아제 및 Pyrogen 대해 안전한 것으로 인증됨.


Simultaneous 96-Well Manual Pipetting

High-throughput pipetting system is a powerful personal research tool for all laboratories. Accurate and efficient, High-throughput pipetting system is designed to maximize workflow, without the need for complicated programming or dedicated technician time. Incredibly fast, High-throughput pipetting system adds outstanding quality features to high throughput pipetting, with many applications.

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Rsvr 12ch StdPro V-bot LR-R2-12V-5
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