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Reduce pH Measurement Errors

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Webinar to learn about ways to reduce or prevent pH measurement errors

Five common pH measurements errors

Five common pH measurements errors
The video shows five commonly made pH measurement errors. Watch the video to see if you can find the five errors. If you cannot find all of them your pH measurements might be prone to errors. Join the free webinar and increase the accuracy, repeatability and reliability of your results by knowing the sources of commonly made pH measurement errors.

pH measurements are often considered to be easy, fast and simple. However, when the sources of potential errors are understood in more detail, results can often be improved which can lead to increased accuracy, repeatability and reliability.

In this course you will learn more about the sources of errors to improve your pH measurement. To understand this in more detail, we will look at the overall model to highlight the general influencing factors. Secondly, we will look at a more practical model of measurement to highlight quantifiable and unquantifiable errors. After understanding the two models, we will explain each of the errors that can happen during a pH measurement. In addition, we will provide suggestions on how you could reduce the respective error.

Last but not the least, we draw a conclusion on important points to consider and prioritize your improvements.


Key learning objectives:

  • Overall model to understand different influencing factors
  • Details of quantifiable and unquantifiable errors
  • Theoretical information about the cause of the errors
  • Method to improve your measurement accuracy for respective errors
  • Approach to prioritize improvements

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