Fermentation and BioProcessing - 메틀러 토레도

Fermentation and BioProcessing

Characterize and Optimize Bioprocesses in Real Time to Maximize Production

As the market for bioproducts continues to grow, greater emphasis is being placed on improving bioprocesses to maximize yield and reduce costs. In situ real-time monitoring of critical process parameters through Process Analytical Technology (PAT) is necessary to monitor, characterize, optimize and control bioprocesses.

In situ technologies offer several advantages over offline techniques, including eliminating the need for sampling and cumbersome sample preparation, being non-invasive to the process and process components, and providing real-time information of the process as it exists in the fermenter/bioreactor. Moreover, the real time information provided by in situ technologies allows for immediate detection of process deviation and hence enabling process control.

Fermentation and BioProcessing
Fermentation and BioProcessing

METTLER TOLEDO technologies provide the tools and real time data for the successful monitoring of bioprocesses, as well as monitoring the enzymatic conversion of substrates to desired products. Upstream fermentation and cell culture applications include the monitoring of key media components, metabolites and product throughout the cell culture/fermentation, and monitoring changes in cell/microorganism populations and morphology (including agglomerations or flocculation of cells or microrganisms). Applications in downstream processing include flocculation of cellular debris, protein crystallization and dissolution.


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