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Press Release: Boost Efficiency and Reduce Emissions with TruckPass™

Recent updates to the regulations in Handbook 44 will now allow legal-for-trade transactions on weigh-in-motion truck scales within certain tolerances. This will have an immediate and direct impact on states in the US who adopt Handbook 44 into law, enabling operations there to boost efficiency, ensure safety, and reduce emissions – at the truck scale.

Columbus, Ohio, United States — March 2022 — METTLER TOLEDO’s new single-draft weigh-in-motion scale, TruckPass (NTEP CC: 22-025), enables legal-for-trade levels of accuracy, previously unavailable to in-motion solutions. With the updates to Handbook 44 in the US, operations can now benefit from this revolutionary technology.

Boost Efficiency: Eliminate Long Lines of Trucks

TruckPass takes efficiency to the next level by eliminating the need for trucks to stop on the scale to complete a transaction. By keeping trucks in motion, operations can benefit from increased throughput potential and reduced congestion at the scale. Resulting in happy customers and improved on-site logistics.  

Reduce Emissions: Meet Sustainability Goals

Keeping trucks in motion with TruckPass can help reduce overall traffic and thus reduce or even eliminate truck idling time at the scale. With fewer trucks idling for less time, an operation can expect to see a major impact on their overall carbon footprint and more easily achieve their sustainability goals.

Improved Operation: Driver Safety and Data Management

Since TruckPass enables drivers to complete transactions from their cab, the risk of potential safety hazards such as slips or traffic accidents is eliminated. Additionally, with the integration of DataBridge™ transaction management software, operations can eliminate costly human errors in data handling and gain better visibility into true operations.

Diverse Capabilities: Static, Dynamic, Checkweighing

While TruckPass is designed for dynamic weighing, it can also be switched to static mode when needed. For operations that do not require legal-for-trade transactions, TruckPass is still an ideal solution to boost the productivity of checkweighing applications.

METTLER TOLEDO is actively seeking pilot sites for TruckPass, which officially launches in April of this year in the US.

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