On Demand Webinar: pH Measurement and Compliance

Learn the Challenges Involved and Know the Right Solutions

Panoramica del programma

  • Highlights the importance of compliance for pH measurements
  • Provides an overview of segment-specific guidelines in Pharmaceutical, Food and Beverage and Chemical Industries
  • Provides guidance on instrumental specifications
  • Offers tips and hints on how to meet these guidelines

Understanding compliance related to pH and the right instrument specifications is the first step toward impacting the quality of a final product. Failure to meet the norms will impact the quality, reducing its chances of entry into the market.

However, understanding the guidelines and complying with them is often challenging. This webinar will offer guidance on good measurement practices that must be followed to improve the results' accuracy, repeatability, and reliability.

Watch our on-demand webinar on pH measurement and compliance to gain not only the knowledge of which guidelines to follow, but also have the chance to share any concerns with our experts.

Target Audience

Lab Managers, Lab Technicians, Plant Managers, Quality Assurance Managers, Quality Assurance Operators, Safety Managers, QA/QC Departments, Regulatory Affairs, Auditors, and Testing Labs


Vijay Patil

Katarzyna Szczepocka-Kus

Subject Matter Expert, pH Lab

Ms. Katarzyna Szczepocka-Kus is a GEP-certified trainer with experience in the field of analytical chemistry. She has been responsible for creating content for LMS courses, is a trainer for service for pH meters, and can present scientific information in an understandable way for a broad audience.