On-Demand Webinar: Good Dropping and Softening Point Measuring Practice

Optimize Your Dropping Point Measurement Workflow

Panoramica del programma

  • Good Melting and Dropping Point Program covered in the webinar
  • Understanding automatic measurements of dropping point and softening point
  • Discussion of relevant international norms and standards
  • Tips for effective sample preparation for a variety of samples
  • Troubleshooting common issues in the testing process
  • Methods for performance verification to ensure accurate and reliable results

The measurement of the dropping point and softening point of substances is an important analysis in various fields of science and industry, ranging from petrochemicals to cosmetics and the food industry. If you're looking to start or improve your analysis in this area, this webinar will cover a wide range of topics, from sample preparation to troubleshooting.

Our experts are excited to share their knowledge to support your analysis. Join us to learn how to improve your dropping point and softening point analysis.


Image of Francisco Mancebo Mateos

Francisco Mancebo Mateos

Francisco has been a part of the Thermal Values team for over two years, and he is currently one of the Product Managers of the Dropping Point product line.