Pharmaceutical Drug Substance Crystallisation

Studies on a Pharmaceutical Drug Substance Crystallisation with Floating Crystals

This presentation describes a case study of an Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) where the crystals have a high propensity to float in their mother liquors during crystallisation and filtration. The talk illustrates the challenges faced when processing these crystals at plant scale and how to overcome these challenges.  The approach to study the system at laboratory scale uses in situ monitoring techniques.  An experimental proof of concept on how to circumvent the floating of crystals is included.

This presentation includes:

  • Introduction to Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) Particle Formation
  • Case Study:  Floating Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) Particles
  • Process Improvement of a Plant Scale Process
  • Key Findings
Pharmaceutical Drug Substance Crystallisation
Dr. Jorge Calderon De Anda GlaxoSmithKline

Guest Presenter
Jorge Calderon De Anda has over 10 years experience in industrial process development from laboratory to manufacturing scales at GlaxoSmithKline.  Jorge earned his Bachelor's in Chemical Engineering from the National University of Mexico and PhD from University of Leeds with a focus on batch crystallization process monitoring.