Autorep Pipet 1UL-50ML EU - نظرة عامة - METTLER TOLEDO

Autorep Pipet 1UL-50ML EU

Positive-displacement repeater. AUTOREP E REP 1μL-50 mL EU

Microprocessor controlled.

Accurate and precise across the entire range from 1 μl-50 ml.

Three modes for flexibility.

Pipet, Dispense and AutoDispense - "learns" and uses your pacing, no time-interval programming

Automatic syringe recognition

AutoRep E "reads" the Encode syringe size so no errors in setting volume

المواصفات - Autorep Pipet 1UL-50ML EU
Volume Range 1 µL – 50 mL
Amount/Quantity 1
رقم/أرقام المواد 17000725


Repeater Pipette Accessories AutoRep-E

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Autorep Pipet 1UL-50ML EU
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