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Truck Scale VTS231 Standard

Proven Truck Scale Performance.

POWERCELL PDX – the ultimate protection

Unsurpassed accuracy, reliability, and predictive diagnostics - POWERCELL PDX load cells protect your system without high maintenance junction boxes.

Superior Lightning and IP68 Protection

Proven to withstand lightning strikes, the StrikeShield™ system helps prevent downtime by safeguarding your system from lightning and water damage.

Designed, Tested, and Proven to last

A robust and reliable orthotropic design, the VTS231 truck scale has been tested and proven to deliver the industry's lowest Total Cost of Ownership.

المواصفات - Truck Scale VTS231 Standard
Vehicle Scale Dimensions (LxW) 70 ft x 11 ft
CLC 100,000 lb
Gross Capacity 200,000 lb
Deck Material Steel
Options Grain Dump Through; Side Rails; 9’-10” or 11’-10” width deck; Manholes; Multi-Axle Scale Configurations; Riser Base Plates; Side rail mounting brackets; Temporary Frame
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Truck Scale VTS231 Standard


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Truck Scale VTS231 Standard

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