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Fully automated maintenance system - flexible for highest demands!

EasyClean400 is used for fully automatic cleaning and calibration of pH measuring points . In combination with the transmitter M700 and the InTrac7XXe retractable housing it provides a flexible system solution which can either be implemented into continuous or batch measurements. A special version for EX-classified areas is available.

Animation: EasyClean Functional Principle (swf)
المواصفات - EasyClean400
Short description Fully automated sensor flushing, cleaning + calibration - for safe and hazardous areas
EasyClean400 is versatile in its application. It offers multiple control possibilities and can be programmed extensively. Furthermore, a version for applications in explosion hazardous areas is available. The integration into a distributed control system (DCS) can be easily realized in a conventional way or via a Profibus® PA.

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Features and Benefits
  • Minimum maintenance costs by fully automatic cleaning and calibration of the sensor. 
  • Optimal adaptation to the process conditions thanks to diverse program runs with freely programmable sequences.
  • High flexibility thanks to free choice of individually programmable intervals or weekly programs.
  • EasyClean400X guarantees a safe application in explosion hazardous areas.
  • Optimally adapted housing - depending on the field of application, a polished or coated housing can be applied.


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