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Carat Balance JE503CE

Everyday Weighing Essentials. All the basic functions you need for accurate jewelry weighing. 505 ct/101 g capacity, 0.001 ct/0.1 mg readability, bright and clear backlit LCD, external adjustment, passcode protection, overload protection, metal base

Solid Performance

With a metal base, stainless steel weighing pan and overload protection, these robust balances withstand intense daily use.

Efficient Daily Tasks

All the basic functions you need are at your fingertips Thanks to internal weights, you can test and adjust the balance at the touch of a button.

Easy Leveling

Leveling the balance is easy thanks to the large adjustable feet and level indicator at the front.

المواصفات - Carat Balance JE503CE
Maximum Capacity 505 carats/101 g
Readability 0.001 carats; 0.1 mg
Repeatability, limit 0.1 mg
Minimum Weight (U=1%, k=2), typical 0.016 g
Adjustment External
Weighing Pan Diameter 90 mm
Legal for Trade No
Repeatability (typical) 0.08 mg
Linearity, limit 0.2 mg
Linearity, typically 0.06 mg
Settling Time 2 s
Dimensions (DxHxW) 344 mm x 279 mm x 210 mm
Housing Die-cast aluminum, plastic ABS
Interfaces RS232
Balance Model (Carat/Gold) Carat
Display LCD Backlit Display
Guaranteed Repeatability 0.1 mg
Linearity (typical) 0.06 mg
رقم/أرقام المواد 30291452

Weighing Hook

Weigh big items below the balance using the hook on the base. Together with the built-in application, you can also use it to measure density.


Density Determination

Hands-free Accessories, Stands & Displays & Data Readers

Printers for Moisture Analyzers

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No matter which METTLER TOLEDO instrument is connected, you will always obtain a printout that meets the quality standards.

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Carat Balance JE503CE
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