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IND890-10 PC Weighing Terminal

The Personal Weighing Computer

Clear, efficient, universal: With a touch screen standard, the operation of the IND890 is simple and reliable even in the harshest environments thanks to IP69k protection. The application terminal also sets new standards in highly complex weighing processes. It provides the perfect connection between PC and scale with powerful and reliable industrial quality

The convenient IND890-10 compact version offers an all-in-one solution: a small terminal that supplies real-time data thanks to its Windows CE operating system.

المواصفات - IND890-10 PC Weighing Terminal
Display Widescreen TFT Touch Screen Display10,2" / resolution 1024x600
Interfaces weighing interfaces: IDNet, Analog Scale, SICSdata interfaces: Ethernet (standard), RS232, RS422, RS485, USB
Degree of protection IP69k (complete device)
Housings stainless steel
Applications free programming for customized requirements
A/D rate (int./ext) depends on connected scale(s)
Dimensions 253 x 320 x 241 mm
Keyboard no keyboard, operation is made exclusively via the standard Touch Screen.
Resolution depends on connected scale(s)
Suitable platforms / weigh modules weighing platforms of K- and M-line as well as PBA..., PFA..., PTA... and PUA... platforms
Number of attachable platforms up to 4 weighing platforms, all can be operated simultaneously. Verificable sum scale.
Mounting options standard deliveries as desk- and wall version; installations as panel-mount version (in switchboards) or on a stand with respective accessories are possible.
Accessories fixation modules and stands: wall adapter, floor stand, panel installation kit and adapter for GA46 printer.
Options CPU, RAM, Windows operating system, type and number of interfaces can be selected.
رقم/أرقام المواد 22019983

Features and Benefits

Effective Working
Easy to understand, self-explanatory Icons and the intuitive software structure make working with the IND890 really efficient! In addition, the terminal can be operated fast and easily via the standard Touch Screen.

The IND890 is primed for most different applications. As far as the software is concerned, uncountable solutions can be combined. The offered interfaces provide diversified possibilites for data communication.

Thanks to the various hardware options, the IND890 can be adapted to all kinds of mounting requirements.

Industrial Design
The IND890 is designed for production areas in harshest industrial environments and captivates by long-life cycles of  its components. With the high protection degree IP69k and the stainless steel housing, there are nearly no limits to use this intelligent device.

Innovation in Detail
The graphical possibilities of the widescreen display convince all along the line. The used components are  designed for longevity and reliability. The CompactFlash Card offers enhanced data safety and long-life cycle of the IND890 terminal.


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IND890-10 PC Weighing Terminal


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IND890-10 PC Weighing Terminal
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