Printer Cable RS-P42 - نظرة عامة - METTLER TOLEDO

Printer Cable RS-P42 - منتج متوقف

Discontinued since: Oct, 2019

حل محله: Lab equip acc data writer P-52RUE

Fast and error-free documentation. P-52RUE dot matrix printer supports printing on paper and continuous label and can be connected via RS232, USB and Ethernet interfaces.

Print on paper and labels

Print on paper for full documentation of your results.

When regulations require dot matrix

When your SOPs or regulatory requirements demand dot matrix technology, the P-52 printer is the perfect choice for straightforward printing.

Get up and running in seconds

Easily connect the printer via RS232, Ethernet, USB, or Bluetooth adapter; load the printing paper and start a workflow.

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المواصفات - Printer Cable RS-P42
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