Achieve dimensioner read rates of up to 99 percent with METTLER TOLEDO
Top read rates
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There are two ways to select a dimensioner that will go the extra mile for you and your business. Make sure that the dimensioner you choose can:

1.     Measure all the different parcels in your mix

Certain surfaces cause difficulty for some dimensioners. Parcels with black or dark wrapping or a shiny, reflective wrapping often cause problems that result in no-reads. The large optics of METTLER TOLEDO dimensioners let in more light and make easy work of these tricky-to-measure parcels. 

2.      Measure everything legal-for-trade

Most parcel operations have a number of goods that are between two and five centimeters in height, while most dimensioners are only approved to measure items over five centimeters. METTLER TOLEDO has a height approval of just two millimeters, allowing you to recover revenue on parcels between two and five centimeters high. 

Fundamentally, it comes down to looking at a dimensioners dynamic range to determine what types of surfaces it can measure while also ensuring it has the correct height approval in the legal-for-trade certification. METTLER TOLEDO dimensioners offer you both.

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