Rail Scales

    Rail Scales

    Static or In-Motion Rail Car Weighing


    Rail Scales / Railcar Weighing How You Need It

    Whether you need to weigh rail cars when they are stopped or as they move across a scale, METTLER TOLEDO has a reliable solution for you. We can also upgrade your older rail scales with the newest weighing technology to ensure your weighing accuracy or even add a truck scale to your rail scale. We know that your rail scale weighing needs are unique and we've got a solution to match or we will create one for you. You can count on us to provide the accuracy and reliability our customers have come to expect.  

    static rail road scale
    coupled-in-motion rail car weighing
    upgrades for rail scales
    Combination Truck and Rail Scales

    Static Rail Scales

    Coupled-In-Motion (CIM) Rail Scales

    Rail Scale Conversions

    Combination Truck and Rail Scales

    For weighing stationary rail cars.
    Weighs rail cars as they travel across a section of railroad track.
    Retrofit older scales by adding the latest vehicle weighing technology to eliminate problems and extend the life of your scale.
    A section of rail for weighing rail cars combined with an integral concrete deck for weighing trucks.
    Proven structural designs for demanding applications
    Premium materials and manufacturing for lasting performance
    The fastest method of weighing multiple rail cars
    Withstands heavy loads and challenging environments year after year
    Eliminate the Causes of Failures
    Put an end to frequent downtime and high repair costs
    Protect Profitability
    Solve hidden weighing errors that drain profit from transactions
    Meet multiple vehicle weighing needs in one scale to save space and money.
    Superior Strength
    Built to handle the loading points of multiple vehicles
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