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TLX MultiCapture™ Basic

For Individual Operational Requirements

The TLX Basic offers a cost-effective, simple solution for revenue recovery. Handling letters and parcels of any shape and size, the TLX Basic provides a complete data profile for invoicing, sorting, tracking and load planning.

TLX MultiCapture™ Basic
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Specifications - TLX MultiCapture™ Basic
Accuracy ± 2 mm (0.1in) height, ± 5 mm (0.2in) length and width
Throughput Up to 2000 objects per hour
Max belt speed Up to 60 m/min
Object shape Cuboidals
Object spacing 15cm between objects
Interface FTP-TCP/ IP
Software accessories OCTO™ DataCapture Software
Min object size (l x w x h) 15 x 5 x 2,5 cm (3 x 2 x 1 in)
Max object size (l x w x h) 120 x 90 x 90 cm (48 x 36 x 36 in)
Power Supply 1 x 230 VAC or 1 x 120 VAC
Trade Name TLX,Dimensioner

Features and Benefits


Meets any Requirement
Choose the right dimensioning and barcode reading configurations, operation modes and integration options for your application. The TLX can be integrated into a sorting line as a fully automatic system or set-up with the possibility of manual intervention.
Powerful Data Management
OCTO™ DataCapture Software merges dimensions, weight and barcode data and stores it in legal-for-trade alibi storage. Data is sent seamlessley to the host. Data can then be used to communicate with the sorter, update invoices and generate statistics.
Industry Leading Technology
TLX uses the high performance dimensioning and weighing technology METTLER TOLEDO is known for. With the widest range of approvals, regardless of what you measure, data captured is   accurate, repeatable and legal-for-trade.
Improved Sorting Efficiency
With the advanced operation mode feature, you can choose the data you require for a certain sort or process. Modes are selected using a user-friendly HMI to ensure that only necessary data is captured and optimal productivity levels are maintained.
Industry Approved
All components are approved according to industry standards, resulting in legal-for-trade solutions that provide high quality data, which can be relied on for profitable, efficient logistics.




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TLX MultiCapture™ Basic