InPro 4850i/120 pH Sensor for Chlor-Alkali Applications

pH Sensor InPro 4850i/120

For Tough Chlor-alkali Processes

The InPro 4850i/120 is a dual-membrane pH probe for the measurement of pH and ORP in chlor-alkali processes. This 120 mm pH probe combines accurate measurement with durability for tough environments.

For Use in Chlor-Alkali Production
The InPro 4850i/120 is specifically designed for chlor-alkali processes. It uses the sodium concentration in the process (brine) as a reference.

Designed to Resist Harsh Conditions
This pH sensor has no diaphragm, making it immune to chlorine and other oxidizing agents that lead to failure in other pH and ORP electrodes.

An Advanced Digital pH Sensor with ISM
The InPro 4850i/120 has an ISM digital signal that is immune to interference and distortion and ensures 100% signal integrity and stability.

pH Sensor InPro 4850i/120
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Specifications - pH Sensor InPro 4850i/120
Analog or ISM Yes
Short description Dual-membrane pH/ORP electrode for chlor-alkali applications.
Measurement Parameters pH & ORP
Sensor Length 120 mm
Temperature Signal Digital
pH range 0 - 14 pH
Pressure resistance (psi) 0...188 psi at 248°F
Reference system Sodium-Sensitive Glass Membrane
Sterilizable No
Autoclavable No
pH membrane High alkali glass (HA)
Diaphragm None
ATEX Certification SEV 14 ATEX 0168 X Ex ia IIC T6/T5/T4/T3 Ga/Gb
FM approval IS/ I, II, III /1 /ABCDEFG /T6
IECEx Certificate of Conformity IECEx SEV 14.0025X Ex ia IIC T6/T5/T4/T3 Ga/Gb
Measuring Temperature Range (imp) -10 to 120 °C
Measuring Temperature Range (metric) 14 to 248°F
Long Life in Chlor-Alkali Applications
The InPro 4850i/120 pH probe features a sodium-sensitive glass membrane that uses the chlor-alkali process brine as a reference. The reference system has no junction, which allows the pH sensor to resist oxidization and extends the sensor's life.
Versatile pH and ORP Sensor
This pH sensor uses a solution ground and shielding system that stabilizes the signal and enables redox measurement. Additionally, the digital signal provides 100% signal integrity for stable and accurate measurement.
Diagnostics to Reduce Maintenance
The ISM predictive diagnostics on the InPro 4850i/120 allow the shift from time-based maintenance to predictive maintenance. The sensor provides a clear indication of when it will need calibrated, maintained and replaced to reduce unplanned downtime.
Compliance with Safety Regulations 
The InPro 4850i/120 chlor-alkali pH sensor is Ex-certified so that it can be used for demanding processes in hazardous-classified zones of your production facility.



pH Measurements in Chlor-Alkali Production
A combination of elevated temperatures, the presence of oxidants, and highly sensitive sensor output signal makes reliable pH measurement in the chlor...
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pH Sensor InPro 4850i/120
Hazardous Area


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pH Sensor InPro 4850i/120
Hazardous Area
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