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Products and Specs
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Short descriptionOptical dissolved oxygen sensor
Measurement range0…250% air
Sensing ElementsOptical spot (Fluorescensce quenching)
Integrated Temperature ProbePt1000
Calibration1-point air
Shaft materialsHigh density polyethylene, USP 88 class VI
O-ring materialEPDM, USP 88 class VI
Process connectionEldon James 1' port disc
Gamma ray sterilizable25…45 kGy
Operating temperature5…60°C (41…140°F)
Storage temperature5…25°C (41…77°F)
Mechanical pressure resistance"2 barg / 40 °C (29 psig / 104 °F), 1 barg / 60 °C (15 psig / 140 °F)"
ApprovalsUSP 88 class VI for all wetted polymer parts
Shelf life36 months dry storage


Application Note

Application Note: Differences in Operation Between Analytical Multi-Use and Single-Use Sensors in Bioreactors
This application note provides information on the important trend towards the deployment of single-use bioreactors (SUBs) in the bioprocess industry....

Technical Specifications

Technical Data: InSUS Sensor Series
The InSUS™ sensor series for single-use technology bioprocesses cover the measurement parameters pH and dissolved oxygen (DO).

Instruction Manuals

Instruction Manual: InSUS Head for Optical Single-Use O₂ Sensors
These operating instructions contain all the information needed for safe and proper use of the optical sensor head.
Instruction Manual: Information for InSUS fiber optic cable
The enclosed adapter must be used, if the fiber optic cable is connected to sensors of the type InSUS 607. Mount the adapter – as shown in the photos...
Quick Calibration Guide: M300 / M400 transmitters – For InSUS pH Sensors
METTLER TOLEDO InSUS™ pH sensors are analog, gamma irradiation-sterilizable single-use pH sensors with an integrated Pt 1000 temperature probe.
Installation Manual: InSUS 307 and InSUS 310 Single-use pH Sensors
InSUS™ pH sensors are gamma irradiation-sterilizable, pre-calibrated single-use pH sensors with an integrated Pt 1000 temperature probe. The sensors h...
Quick Setup Guide: InSUS Head for Optical Single-Use O2 Sensors
The InSUS™ Head is intended solely for in-line measurement of the oxygen partial pressure in combination with METTLER TOLEDO optical single-use O2 sen...

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