Dosing Head Starter Kit

Powder Dosing Heads.Selection of different dispensing heads to determine which head is best suited to the individual sample. Set of 8 dispensing heads: 1xQH008-BNMW, 1xQH012-LNLW, 1xQH012-LNJW, 1xQH002-CNMW, 1xQH010-CNMW, 1xQH008-BNMP, 1xQH012-LNCT, 1xQH012-LNLT

The Easy Way to Get Started

The starter kit contains a selection of dispensing heads, allowing you to determine which heads best suit your different samples.

Enhanced Safety

Hazardous or active substances remain sealed in the dosing head reducing exposure to potentially dangerous substances.

Contamination-free Weighing

One powder dosing head is dedicated to one substance or lot number for the duration of its lifetime to avoid cross contamination.

Material No.: 30132792

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Dosing Head Starter Kit