Tandem Hydroformylation/Hydrogenation of Alkenes Case Study
White Paper

Tandem Hydroformylation/Hydrogenation of Alkenes

White Paper

Real-Time Monitoring Case Study

Hydroformylation and hydrogenation are typically performed in separate reaction steps. Researchers at the University of Tokyo have proposed a new method for synthesizing industrially important n-alcohols from alkenes in a tandem hydroformylation/hydrogenation process. Using multiple catalysts combined in a single pot, this tandem process presents obvious advantages in the industrial sector with increased yields and overall process simplification.

This white paper reviews how researchers applied real-time, in-situ mid-FTIR reaction monitoring to understand catalyst activity and robustness. By measuring the kinetics, pathway and mechanisms of hydroformylation/hydrogenation, reactions were determined and the optimal conditions for catalyst performance were identified.

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