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Crystallization Process Design

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New Technologies for Crystallization Process Design

Crystallization Process Design
Crystallization Process Design

Three world-class crystallization researchers present how to deliver significant improvements in crystallization process design.

  • Professor Jason Hein, University of British Columbia, focuses on how continuous crystallization platforms can be used to improve the isolation of enantiopure compounds from racemic mixtures.

  • Dr. Daniel Griffin, Georgia Tech, presents how common Process Analytical Technologies (PAT) can be combined with new data visualization and control strategies to automatically target specific crystal size and yield combinations. Experimental results are given to demonstrate that control over the crystals produced by batch cooling crystallization can be applied to produce crystals of the desired average sizes in the specified run times.

  • Dr. JiCong Li, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, illustrates how continuous crystallization is a viable method for high performing crystallization process design with optimized yield.  A transition from batch to continuous crystallization can offer benefits, including:
    • A less labor-intensive process
    • Limit or eliminate batch-to-batch variations
    • Easier to scale up or down

Crystallization is a unit operation used to isolate and purify important compounds in many industries. Novel research presented here serves to contribute to the further optimization and improvement of crystallization process design.