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On Demand Webinar

On-Demand Webinar – What Is pH?

On Demand Webinar

An Interactive Session to Understand the Fundamentals of pH as a Property

Webinar – What is pH
Webinar – What is pH

pH measurement, a routine analysis in most labs, is one of the important analytical parameters for many substances. Although a simple process, pH measurement can lead to analytical errors when not performed properly. This webinar aims to build some fundamental knowledge related to both pH theory and the measurement process. This should provide a firm foundation in the practice of pH measurement to enhance measurement accuracy and repeatability, thus improving quality overall.

In this webinar, our experts will guide you through the following topics:

  • Application of pH
  • Introduction to pH theory
  • pH measurement as a process
  • Common techniques for measuring pH
  • Electrodes and measurement systems

This webinar not only offers the necessary theoretical concepts but also provides a clear and practical demonstration of measuring pH in the laboratory environment. The whole measurement process is then backed up by theoretical descriptions of acidity and alkalinity measurements.

Hans Frueh
45 minutes