Inline vs Offline PAT

Adjuvant particle size, morphology, and composition play a critical role in process and product quality. However, process kinetics and characterization of adjuvant particles synthesis and formulation are often poorly understood.

This presentation discusses the results of a feasibility study designed to evaluate the use of automated chemical reactors, FTIR spectrometers, and particle size analyzers in comparison to traditional sampling and offline measurement techniques for:

  • Optimizing the AlPO4 precipitation reaction and subsequent processing steps
  • Analyzing the adsorption of tetanus toxoid onto the AlPO4 adjuvant

jim cronin

Jim Cronin


Jim received his Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry from the University of Delaware. Jim then joined DuPont at Jackson Laboratory on the Chamber's Works Site in Deepwater, NJ. There, Jim ran a non-routine Molecular Spectroscopy lab developing measurement techniques for both existing and new products. He soon developed the first of many process measurements that were widely adopted across many of DuPont's manufacturing sites. He later transferred to the Experimental Station in Wilmington, DE to specialize in Process Analyzer Technology and joined DuET, DuPont's centralized Engineering group. Jim was an early adopter of METTLER TOLEDO Diamond ATR technology and developed many unique process control measurements using this. After 28 years, Jim retired from DuPont and joined METTLER TOLEDO. Jim holds 6 process control patents and 5 DuPont Engineering Excellence awards.