On Demand Webinar

4 Guidelines For FTIR PAT

On Demand Webinar

FTIR PAT In Pilot Plant or Manufacturing Environment

Implementing Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR) Process Analytical Technology (PAT) in a pilot or manufacturing environment can be simplified if a standard protocol is followed. The "ACES" guidance stands for Application, Communication, Environment, & Sampling. Four (4) implementation guidelines for a standard protocol are presented.
Wes Walker Ph.D.
15 Minutes

Webinar Part II: Environment and Sampling

Instrument environment focuses on maintaining the instrument environment within an operable temperature range.  Guidance is presented accounting for the instrument installation location (inside or in external conditions) and the corresponding temperature considerations.  Sampling guidelines review the appropriate probe and sensor technologies necessary for any successful Process Analytical Technology (PAT) implementation.  Inline probes enable the sensors to be inserted and mounted through a nozzle or bottom outlet valve in a large vessel.  Sensors for flow cells, pipes and other continuous apparatus are also explained.

The first installment of this Implementing In Situ Process FTIR in a Plant Environment webinar series explored applications and communication. Applications focused on the use of real-time FTIR spectrum to render valuable chemical quantitative information. Communication covers the implementation tasks associated to bringing data from the field analyzer in the explosion hazard area and turning it into information on a safe area computer that is accessible to the plant’s distributed control system (DCS).

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