Automated Powder Dispensing

Accurate, Safer and More Efficient Weighing of Powders

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Automated Powder Dispensing


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1. I have a limited amount of substance available. How can I make it go further?

When using an XPR Automatic Balance, the minimum weight tends to be lower because automated weighing operations eliminate variability due to differences in sample handling between individual operators and the effects of external influences. This allows you to use less of your compound. When you also factor in the reduced risk of spillage with automated weighing, this makes it possible to use smaller amounts of precious substances with limited availability, making them go further.


2. I have problems with statically charged samples. What should I do?

There are many options to help reduce or eliminate electrostatic charging of samples or containers during weighing processes. Especially designed ionizer for the XPR Automatic Balance is effective in dissipating electrostatic charging of samples or containers as they are placed into or on the balance. Antistatic solutions are available from METTLER TOLEDO, and recent innovations in balance technology have made it possible to detect the influence of electrostatic charges on a measurement and correct for this effect.


3. I spend so much time weighing many different powder samples. How can I make it faster or more efficient?

Consider automating your powder weighing. The XPR Automatic Balance incorporates a long-established powder weighing technology that is capable of weighing many different types of powders with varying physical characteristics. You don't need to have a lot of material to start with, and it can free up a great deal of time by carrying out tedious and repetitive manual weighing tasks for you.