iC Software: donositi bolje odluke, završiti projekte brže - Pregled - METTLER TOLEDO
iC Software: donositi bolje odluke, završiti projekte brže

iC Software: donositi bolje odluke, završiti projekte brže

Capture Data, Visualize & Interpret Experiments, Report Results

iC IR Spectroscopy Software
iControl Reaction Calorimetry Software
iC FBRM Particle System Software

Proizvodi i specifikacije

Convert Experiment Data Into Process Knowledge

Proizvodi i specifikacije
AddOn Modules
Broj artikla: 14940801
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SupportsEasyViewer Instruments; ParticleView Instruments
Broj artikla: 14990111
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SupportsCaptures experiments from iControl, iC analytical software and touchscreen-based instruments
Broj artikla: 51161893
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SupportsEasyMax and OptiMax Synthesis Workstations and RX-10 Control Units; RC1mx High Performance Reaction Calorimeter
AddOn ModulesMulti-Instrument Control, HFCal (Heat Flow Calorimetry)
Broj artikla: 14910100
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SupportsProduction ReactIR, ParticleTrack and FBRM Instruments
AddOn ModulesiC Quant for ReactIR


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