Datasheet: MyBrix Refractometer

Datasheet MyBrix
Datasheet MyBrix

Sugar determination is a common procedure to determine the optimal harvesting time of fruits and vegetables, and to perform incoming goods inspection, or process and quality control in juice, wine, soft drinks and food manufacturing. With its compact, robust and weatherproof design and a full Brix range (0.0 to 95.0 °Brix), the MyBrix pocket refractometer works perfectly for measuring almost any food and beverage sample.

These features make the MyBrix ideal for the food and beverage industry:

  • 10 sugar-related scales on one instrument, including Brix, Oechsle, Baumé, HFCS and many more
  • Full Brix range (0.0 to 95.0 °Brix)
  • Instant and precise measurement
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • IP65 protection against dust and spills
  • Easy to clean prism dish
  • Long battery life

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