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    Self-Service Scales

    Easy to use tactile and touchscreen scales for self-service weighing


    Self-Service Scales

    METTLER TOLEDO self-service scales put the control in the hands of the grocery shopper – and that’s the way they like it.  Fresh product self-service scales are convincing sales assistants that are intuitive, fast, and simplify the shopping experience.

    METTLER TOLEDO self-service scales are available in many versions, ranging from the compact checkweigher to high-performance touchscreen scales with applications which make shopping an enjoyable experience for your customers.

    Learn more about the benefits of self-service weighing.

    UC Evo Max Line
    UC Evo Star self-service
    UC Evo Max VCO Line
    bC Black Line

    UC Evo Max Line

    UC Evo Star Line

    UC Evo Max VCO Line

    bC Black Line

    Touchscreen weighing convenience for the highest standards
    Your entry into the touchscreen class
    PC-based scales with open PC technology
    Scales with tactile keypad and highly innovative technology
    Meets Most Stringent Demands
    Supports most comprehensive range of products
    High Power
    Enables process-intensive applications
    Models for prepacking, service counter, and self-service
    Entry to the touchscreen class
    PC scales with touchscreen operation
    Fast weighing operation
    Perfect for specialty and small retailers
    Speed up the checkout process
    Prevent unnecessary wait times
    Open PC platform
    Choose software independently
    Easy installation
    Integrates into existing hardware and software achitecture
    In-Store marketing capabilities
    Advertise sales promotions on the touchscreen display
    Modern design
    Elegant, trendy lines for retail spaces
    Versatile configuration
    Removable Light Touch keypad
    Easy to use
    Pictogram or numeric keypad options
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