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    Checkout Scales

    Weighing at checkout: speed is king!


    Checkout Grocery Scales

    Retailers who weigh fresh products at checkout require solutions that are fast, space-saving and blend-in with the store concept. This way you can ensure first-class service for your customers in the checkout area.

    METTLER TOLEDO checkout scales are easy to install and network. They seamlessly integrate themselves into all popular PoS and cash register systems. Applications such as virtual displays provide an even better overview. Specialist retailers have a choice that ranges from checkweigher to fully integrated solution for weighing and checkout.

    UC Evo Max VCO Line


    UC Evo Max VCO Line

    As a replacement of the popular Viva checkout scale, the Ariva offers ideal customer service for retailers by virtue of their outstanding transaction speed. Durability, reliability, and accuracy.
    The PC-based UC Evo Max VCO checkout scales provide retailers with an open platform for countless PoS applications, making it easy to integrate cash register, scales and printer all in one unit.
    Faster transaction times
    Easy integration
    Compatible with many cash register systems and PC applications
    Ease of use
    USB and RS-232
    Many scanner options
    Compatible with Datalogic Magellan, NCR, and Honeywell Stratos
    Sustainable technology
    Ariva boasts less power consumption
    Dual interval weighing technology
    Weigh up to 15 kg (30 lb), or as little as 40 g (1.4 oz)
    Open platform
    Choice of POS software
    Easy Integration
    Cash register, weighing, and printer functions in a single device
    Modern Design
    Winner of the red dot design award
    Rugged and Dependable
    Sturdy design for daily checkout applications
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