multichannel pipettes

Multichannel Pipettes

Consistent Sample Pickup across All Channels

A multichannel pipette is an enhanced version of the classic pipette, a handheld tool that dispenses precise amounts of liquids across multiple channels. Ideal for high-throughput applications, multichannel pipettes are available manual or electronic in 8- or 12-channel formats. Rainin offers ergonomic multichannel pipettes with superior sample pickup across all channels. For a variation of the multichannel, the adjustable spacer accurately pipettes samples from tubes with a flick of the wrist.

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E4 XLS+ Multichannel Pipette Datasheet
This document provides an overview of the E4 XLS+ Multichannel pipette which allows you to quickly move your samples between formats.
E4 XLS+ Adjustable Spacer Datasheet
This document provides an overview of the E4 XLS+ Adjustable Spacer pipette which allows you to quickly move your samples between formats.
Pipet-Lite XLS Adjustable Spacer Datasheet
This document provides a technical overview of the Pipet-Lite XLS Adjustable Spacer and how it puts a new twist on pipetting with its 6- or 8-channel...
Pipet-Lite XLS+ Multichannels Datasheet
This datasheet provides an overview of how the Pipet-Lite XLS+ Multichannel is fast loading, easy on your hand and delivers precise and consistent sam...
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What is a multichannel pipette?

A multichannel pipette, also referred to as a multiple channel pipette, is a handheld mechanical instrument used in many life science laboratories. Multichannel pipettes typically have either 8 or 12 channels that can transfer small volumes of liquid simultaneously through individual tips.

The multiple channels on the pipette enable the uptake of samples several times in parallel, increasing the throughput of workflows involving 96- or 384-well plates. Multichannel pipettes are available in manual and electronic models. The volume of liquid transfer, required precision and degree of repetition are factors to consider when choosing between the two.

When should I use a multichannel pipette?

Multichannel pipettes are recommended when transferring reagents from reservoirs into well plates or between well plates of different sizes.

Multichannel pipettes offer the convenience of accelerating liquid transfer up to 12 times in a single operation when compared to single channel pipettes (e.g., transferring liquid 12 times using a single channel pipette is more time-consuming than using a 12-channel pipette).

What makes a Rainin multichannel pipette unique?

There are many 8- and 12-channel pipettes offered on the market. But there are two reasons why Rainin multichannel pipettes are unique:

  • They use the revolutionary LiteTouch System (LTS) which greatly reduces tip loading and ejection forces for better ergonomics and maximum comfort.
  • Rainin multichannel pipettes demonstrate consistent and repeatable channel-to-channel accuracy and performance. With proper technique and recommended pipette tips, Rainin multichannel pipettes deliver consistent sample pickup across all channels.