Electronic Adjustable Spacer Pipette

Electronic Adjustable Spacer Multichannel Pipette

Variable-Width Tube, Plate, Gel Formats with the E4 XLS

An electronic adjustable spacer multichannel pipette is a highly ergonomic hand-held tool used by life science researchers to transfer precise volumes of solutions between different vessel types. Electronic E4 XLS Adjustable Spacer pipettes make easy work of transferring solutions between micro-tubes and electrophoresis gels and 24-, 48-, 96- or 384-well plates. Their automated features simplify ELISA and protein assays, PCR, QPCR and cell culture applications.

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E4 XLS+ Electronic Pipette Quick Start Guide
Rainin provides this quick start guide to help you begin using your E4 XLS+ electronic pipette right away.
E4 XLS+ Electronic Pipettes Operating Instructions
Operating instructions for the Rainin E4 XLS+ single-channel, multichannel and adjustable spacer electronic pipettes.
XLS+ Multichannels Brochure
This document provides an overview of how the XLS+ multichannel pipettes raise the bar on multichannel pipetting and performance.
XLS+ Pipette Family Brochure
An overview of the features and benefits of the XLS+ pipette family, including performance, comfort and control.
E4 XLS - Electronic Information Product (EIP) - China RoHS Substance Disclosure Statement Table
E4 XLS - Electronic Information Product (EIP) - China RoHS Substance Disclosure Statement Table
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What are the volume ranges of the electronic adjustable spacer pipette?

The E4 XLS Adjustable Spacer multichannel pipette is available in three volume ranges:

• 5-50 µl

• 20-300 µl

• 100-1200 µl

Will this pipette help protect my data?

Yes, you can save your data! To accommodate GLP/GMP compliance, the E4 makes it possible to password-protect pipette settings, protocols and service alarms. Service records, cycles and status data are completely tamper proof.