ISM Sensors for Process Analytics

ISM Sensors for Process Analytics

Digital Probes for In-Line Measurement

ISM sensors are digital analytical sensors with Intelligent Sensor Management technology. They provide a strong digital signal to increase measurement reliability, provide predictive diagnostics to reduce maintenance efforts and help manage your sensor data to simplify compliance with regulations. ISM technology is available on a wide range of analytics, including pH, dissolved oxygen, dissolved CO2, total organic carbon, conductivity and ozone sensors.

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Intelligent Sensor Management​​ – ISM
Intelligent Sensor Management​​ – ISM

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What are ISM sensors?

ISM sensors are digital analytical sensors for measuring pH, dissolved oxygen, dissolved CO2, ozone, conductivity and total organic carbon. ISM sensors use a technology that is unique from other digital sensor technologies, in that ISM sensors provide adaptive, predictive diagnostics that tell you the number of days remaining until you need to calibrate or replace your sensor. The predictive diagnostics in ISM sensors are derived from sensor and process conditions, and adapt based on how conditions change. In addition to predictive diagnostics, ISM sensors provide a strong digital signal that resists interference, they have the ability to capture critical data for record keeping, and feature Plug and Measure, which simplifies sensor startup, replacement and commissioning.

What makes ISM sensors unique from other digital sensors?

All digital sensors are not the same, and ISM digital sensors offer unique benefits over other digital sensors. ISM sensor technology is available for a wide range of process sensors, including pH and ORP, dissolved oxygen, dissolved CO2, total organic carbon and ozone. While most digital sensors offer some type of diagnostics, often these are based on counters and are not truly predictive diagnostics. ISM sensors provide diagnostic information in days remaining, so that maintenance teams can easily assess sensor health. ISM sensors when used with ISM Core CFR are full technically compliant with 21 CFR Part 11 and EudraLex Volume 4 Annex 11.

How do ISM sensors integrate into Industry 4.0 or IIoT?

ISM sensors provide a valuable input into Industry 4.0 and IIoT schemes and systems. Sensor diagnostic data can be sent directly to your higher-level asset management systems to drive management of maintenance programs and ordering of replacement equipment. Because all data in ISM sensors are managed in the processing chip, and then directly integrated into your system, there is no need to install edge devices or deliver data to a non-property cloud to enable predictive diagnostics or sensor diagnostics. This helps ensure your data security.