pH Sensor DGi117-Water

For all Water Titration Needs.Combined pH sensor with ground glass sleeve junction. For direct pH measurement and acid-base titration, with simultaneous temperature measurement in aqueous solutions of low ion conductivity and low buffer capacity.

No Watering Down of Sensor Data

All pH sensor calibration data is stored on a sensor chip and automatically and instantly transferred to the titrator as soon as it is connected.

Maintenance Free Reference

Double-junction design with maintenance-free internal reference system enables reference electrolyte replacement and adaptation to test conditions.

No Interference

A gold-coated, electrically shielded inner tube prevents interference from electrostatic charges, reducing signal noise and pH reading drift.

Material No.: 51109506

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Specifications - pH Sensor DGi117-Water
Measurement Type
pH measuring range
0 – 11
Int. reference electrolyte
KCl gel
Membrane glass
LoT spherical
Ext. diaphragm
Ground glass
Reference System
Bridge electrolyte
1 mol/L KCl
Type of Sensor
pH (Glass Membrane) Sensors
Int. diaphragm
Ceramic pin
Shaft Material
Temperature Range
32 °F – 212 °F (0 °C – 100 °C)
Ground glass (fixed)
Plug & Play Sensor Chip
Product Line
Excellence Titrators
Potentiometric Compact Titrators

High Precision in Low-Ion Media

Electrolyte flow through the fixed glass junction remains stable between 5 and 20 μL/h, guaranteeing accurate pH readings and minimal sample contamination by electrolytes.

Temperature All-Inclusive

Temperature-adjusted pH readings and end point titration can be performed thanks to the integrated Pt1000 temperature sensor.

Rapid Results

LoT glass brings low membrane resistance and ensures extremely fast response time. Thin-walled spherical design reduces electrical resistance even further.


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pH Sensor DGi117-Water