pH Sensor DGi116-Solvent

Non-aqueous Sensor for Exacting Demands.Flexible durable pH glass sensor for non-aqueous titration. Provides fast response times and quick signal equilibration in petroleum and other oil-based matrices.

Plug & Play Sensor Chip

Thanks to its Plug & Play sensor chip, the DGi116-Solvent sensor is detected immediately upon connection to the titrator. No sensor mix-ups are possible.

Perfectly Shielded

Gold shielding on the inner reference provides perfect protection against electrostatic effects, thereby diminishing signal noise and improving results.

Reliable Reference System

The LiCl-ARGENTHAL™ system reliably delivers stable sensor signals within a temperature range of 0 to 60°C for the entire life of the sensor.

Material No.: 51109505

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Specifications - pH Sensor DGi116-Solvent
Reference System
Measurement Type
pH measuring range
0 – 12
Membrane glass
A41 spherical
Reference electrolyte
LiCl, 1 mol/L in ethanol
Type of Sensor
pH (Glass Membrane) Sensors
Shaft Material
Temperature Range
32 °F – 140 °F (0 °C – 60 °C)
Ground glass (moveable)
Plug & Play Sensor Chip
Product Line
Excellence Titrators
Potentiometric Compact Titrators

Stable Signals and Easy Cleaning

A movable ground glass junction ensures even flow of electrolytes, meaning faster signal stabilization and faster titration. The smooth glass surface prevents oil samples from sticking, considerably simplifying cleaning.

Fast Response Times

The large spherical surface area of the glass membrane ensures low membrane resistance and homogeneous distribution of the potential, reducing response time and signal noise.

High Durability

Due to its chemical stability and easy regeneration, the A41 membrane glass is ideal for non-aqueous titrations in a pH range of 0 to 12.


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pH Sensor DGi116-Solvent