Micro pH Sensor DGi101-SC

Micro Sensor for Macro Demands.The DGi101-SC is a powerful micro pH sensor with a 3 mm shaft made especially for small sample volumes of 5 to 20 mL. For use on InMotion Autosamplers with 80 mL or 25 mL beakers.

No More Clogging

The ARGENTHAL™ reference system with silver ion trap means there is no possibility of diaphragm clogging.

Up to Date Anywhere, Anytime

Data stored in the sensor chip ensures its correct condition for the chosen application, regardless of which titrator it is connected to.

Mobility Means Flexibility

The movable sleeve holder enables individual positioning of the sensor in any of the automatic or manual titration vessels.

Material No.: 51109507

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Specifications - Micro pH Sensor DGi101-SC
Reference System
ARGENTHAL™ with silver ion trap
Measurement Type
pH measuring range
0 – 14
Membrane glass
Reference electrolyte
3 mol/L KCl
Type of Sensor
pH (Glass Membrane) Sensors
Shaft Material
Temperature Range
32 °F – 212 °F (0 °C – 100 °C)
Ceramic pin
Plug & Play Sensor Chip
Product Line
Excellence Titrators
Potentiometric Compact Titrators

Simple yet Stable Reference

The KCl-ARGENTHAL™ system reliably delivers stable sensor signals within a temperature range of 0 to 80°C for the entire life of the sensor.

Difficult Samples Made Easy

A small ceramic pin creates a slow, even outflow of the electrolyte, eliminating clogging even with difficult samples like high sulfide or high protein content.

Quick, Stable Signals and Results

The large HA-glass pH membrane is optimized for rapid response times and stable signals, delivering reliably repeatable results in aqueous systems.

Plug & Play Sensor Chip

A sensor chip stores the sensor type, calibration, and lifespan data, all read instantly during titrator setup. Using the wrong sensor is impossible.


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Micro pH Sensor DGi101-SC