RC1mx Reaction Calorimeter | Heat Flow Calorimetry Option

RC1mx and HFCal

Development of safe processes at scale. RC1mx Reaction Calorimeter with HFCal option

Understand your process

Determine thermodynamic data quickly and precisely under isothermal or non-isothermal conditions

Heat Flow Calorimetry - Simply Reliable

Immune and robust against external influence, heat flow calorimetry accurately and precisely measures the evolution of heat under process conditions

Measuring the true heat of reaction

Measuring the "Complete" heat of reaction is the basis to understanding the progress of chemical reactions, their kinetics and hazard potential

Specifications - RC1mx and HFCal
Precision Heat Transfer Typically <± 1.5 %
Accuracy and Precision Specific Heat Typically <± 5 to 8%
Accuracy Heat Flow Isothermal conditions: ± 1 % to 2 %; Non-isothermal conditions: ± 3 % to 8 %; Based on comparison of qr_hf with qc resp. ∫qr_hf with ∫ qc
Calorimetry Type Heat Flow
Material RC1mx (30405799) and HFCal Option (30400340)
Temperature Range -70 °C – 300 °C
Material Number(s) 304057991

Avoid incidents at scale-up

The safe and extremely powerful RC1mx thermostat can effectively cope with fast and strong exothermic events. It explores unknown process conditions without exposing operators or labs to any danger.

SmartConnect plug-and-play concept

The SmartConnect Technology allows the integration of third-party sensors as well as third-party actors (such as dosing pumps) in a plug-and-play fashion thanks to adjustment and configuration data stored on a chip in the sensor/actor cable plug.

RC1mx and HFCal: True heat of reaction

The complete system consists of the RC1mx (30405799) and HFCal option (30400340). The RC1mx HFCal option enables quick, precise and complete determination of thermodynamic information under all process conditions.



RC1mx Reaction Calorimeter
The RC1mx reaction calorimeter is the leading technology for process safety. Accurate and comprehensive calorimetric data provides information needed...
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RC1mx and HFCal


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RC1mx and HFCal
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