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    Particle Size Distribution Analysis

    Real Time Particle Size & Shape Analysis For Laboratory and Process Environments


    Particle Size Distribution Analysis Inline

    Particle size distribution is difficult to optimize, scale-up and analyze.  With ParticleTrack with FBRM technology and ParticleView with PVM technology, METTLER TOLEDO is the world leader for real-time in situ particle system characterization and analysis. The ability to measure particles as they naturally exist in a process has dramatically improved the ability to understand, optimize and control particle and droplet systems.

    Common applications include:

    Since acquiring Lasentec in 2001, METTLER TOLEDO has continued to advance the development of FBRM and PVM. With thousands of installations worldwide from the R&D laboratory to the manufacturing plant, our probe-based technologies are acknowledged as the gold standard for particle size distribution analysis.  Our technology measures and visualizes the rate and degrees of change in particle and droplet systems as they naturally exist in process.

    Real Time Microscopy For Crystals, Particles and Droplets

    Real Time Particle Size & Count Analysis

    Real-Time Microscopy for Crystals, Particles and Droplets

    Probe-based instrument inserted directly into a process to study how particle size and count change over time with Focused Beam Reflectance Measurement (FBRM) technology.
    Probe-based instrument inserted directly into a process to visualize particles using real-time microscopy with PVM technology.
    Measure Particle Size and Count
    By monitoring particle size and count in real time, scientists can understand, optimize and scale-up processes confidently using evidence-based methods.
    Understand Without Sampling
    By tracking changes to size and count, as particles naturally exist in process, scientists obtain process understanding safely and with no time delay - even at extreme temperatures and pressure.
    Develop Processes Confidently
    By tracking particle size and count continuously as experimental conditions are varied, it is possible to optimize processes and obtain fit for purpose particles on a consistent basis.
    Deploy in the Lab and the Plant
    By monitoring manufacturing processes, upsets can be identified quickly and improvements can be made using evidence collected at full production scale.
    Study Particle Size, Shape and Structure
    By obtaining real time microscope images of particles as they exist in-process, scientists obtain immediate and comprehensive process understanding for every particle system.
    Capture Elusive Mechanisms
    By visualizing crystals, droplets and other delicate particle structures, scientists can characterize transient events and elusive mechanisms that are critical for process and product quality.
    Investigate Critical Process Events
    An image-based trend, sensitive to changes in particle size and concentration helps scientists identify and then investigate important events reducing the time it takes to develop processes
    Obtain Evidence for Optimization
    By visualizing particles and particle mechanisms inline, scientists acquire unique understanding that supports smarter process development at a lower total.
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