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Grip Handle Test Weights / 1 kg to 50 kg

Wide Range of Weights for Industrial Applications

Grip handle test weights are industrial weights for testing scales with maximum capacities up to 200 kg. These weights are designed for easy handling and long-term stability for routine testing of your weighing equipment. Choose from painted cast iron, high glossy stainless steel or fine-ground stainless steel depending on your weighing environment.

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Using State-of-the-Art Robotic Mass Comparators
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What are grip handle weights used for?

Grip handle test weights are used for the routine testing and calibration of scales with maximum capacities up to 200 kg. This helps manufacturers to achieve regulatory compliance and ensure the highest accuracy of their weighing equipment.

Do grip handle weights need to be calibrated? How often should grip handle test weights be calibrated?

Depending on how often the grip handle test weights are in use, they should be re-calibrated every 1-2 years. METTLER TOLEDO has calibration laboratories around the world to support you with this. Contact local representative for support.

What are the types of grip handle weights?

METTLER TOLEDO offers a variety of grip handle test weights including F1 high-glossy stainless steel for the most demanding requirements in regulated industries, M1 fine-ground stainless steel for harsh environmental conditions, and painted cast iron for an economical solution in general industrial applications. They can also be rectangular or cylindrical in shape.