ICS6 / ICS4 Compact Bench Scales | Industrial Weighing
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What are the advantages of an MT compact bench scale?

Mix and match a variety of terminals and platforms to best fulfill your specific requirements. We offer a broad range of solutions for checkweighing, counting or quality assurance applications. ICS4 and ICS6 can be equipped with WLAN technology and an optional built-in rechargeable battery for a portable solution. Our bench scales resist wet and harsh environments for a complete washdown.

How often should compact bench scales be calibrated?

In order to maintain consistent product quality and comply with standards and regulations, the performance of scales needs to be verified at regular intervals. Periodic calibration by a service engineer combined with regular, scheduled testing by the user according to defined SOPs are the best way of maintaining accuracy, ensuring scales always perform within defined process tolerances.

Why buy Mettler Toledo compact bench scales?

Mettler Toledo offers versatile solutions tailored to your specific needs. Whether that is for checkweighing, counting or quality assurance. Our products are ergonomic with features such as our colorWeight® smart display that indicates if weight or count is below, within or above target.

What power supply is needed to operate a compact bench scale?

The ICS6 and ICS4 compact bench scales offer optional built-in rechargeable batteries. The state-of-the-art battery technology ensures many hours of continuous operation.