ScaleMonitor Data Capture Software - METTLER TOLEDO

ScaleMonitor Data Capture Software

Collect, Analyse and Publish Data - Tracking and Tracing Done Easily

ScaleMonitor is a flexible and robust software package that allows you to connect up your METTLER TOLEDO scales via a network to record every weight in a centralised database. This data can be used for monitoring and analysis using our powerful web based reports.

ScaleMonitor Data Capture Software
ScaleMonitor Data Capture Software

Keep Your Quality Under Full Control 

Gain visibility of your production with METTLER TOLEDO's tailored web-based reports and dashboards.

  • Custom reports and dashboards
  • Accessed via a web browser
  • Built to your specification
  • Microsoft® Active Directory® Authentication
  • No installation required on users PC
  • MS Excel® and PDF export functionality
  • Paperless record keeping
  • Email report distribution*

ScaleMonitor Data Capture Software
ScaleMonitor Data Capture Software

Data Collection

ScaleMonitor can simultaneously capture weight data from multiple METTLER TOLEDO scales via an Ethernet or Wi-Fi network. It stores the individual weight values in a central database for real time or future analysis.

Data Analysis

Once ScaleMonitor has collected and stored your production weight data, our database specialists can set the system up to automatically aggregate the individual values to provide powerful production statistics.

Data Visibility

To provide maximum impact and optimise use, your production data can be displayed on large screens in the factory, enabling users to easily asses the status of production. Also, production reports can be made available to authorised users via their web brower.

*Requires full version of Microsoft SQL server